Assisted Marketing

What is “assisted marketing”?

Helping new and growing businesses to reduce the cost of finding customers by giving them a way to use direct response marketing, without having to make it work themselves.  Letting them get on with the job they’re really good at.

How much does a new customer cost you?

Assisted marketing is the marketing support, know how and applied skill you need, available on a basis that your business can sustain.

  • Use assisted marketing to cope with seasonal peaks and troughs in your own business.
  • Let assisted marketing carry out your plans, or help you to articulate those plans so other people know what you’re talking about.
  • You don’t need to recruit a specialist marketing manager.
  • You don’t need to hire a social media manager.
  • You can use assisted marketing as an extension of your own management team

Perhaps you’re considering hiring a marketing specialist but you’re in that awful “more than one but not quite two” situation?  Your time and business are stretched beyond your own capabilities but you can’t yet justify the expenditure on a full time employee?  Bridge the gap with assisted marketing from AllStrat Engage.

Or use assisted marketing to help with holiday cover.  If you’ve got an employee working on your social media profiles every day, what happens when they go on holiday?

Use assisted marketing for short term cover when a key employee leaves.  Make sure you take your time and recruit the right replacement, but still get the daily marketing leg work completed.  Assisted marketing gives you the best of both worlds.  Use assisted marketing as an interim marketing manager to make sure your business doesn’t skip a beat.

You can even use assisted marketing to help you to develop and apply new systems to be taken over by your own team!  Using assisted marketing in this way makes a lot of sense as it allows for a phased handover of your new marketing systems.

Your people will be more confident, more quickly – and so more productive.

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