Blogging for success with assisted marketing

If you think you’ve never seen a blog before your life has just changed.  This website is a blog.  You’ll find links to blog articles to the left of this article.  Blogs are a really useful way to update the internet with your latest information.  It’s quick and easy to do and best of all, Google just loves blogs, so they’re really good for search engine ranking.

I got tired of scrolling through my blog posts

“I got tired of scrolling through my blog posts”

How good?  Well one of our blogs can rank on Google page one for carefully chosen keyphrases within one minute of an article featuring those phrases being published.  The fastest we’ve ever timed it is 45 seconds.  Another blog we run for a client who is an agent for a global manufacturer regularly beats the manufacturers’ own website on Google search results.  Of course it doesn’t always work as fast as that, sometimes it can take a couple of hours.

How to use a blog as part of your marketing

The idea behind your online marketing efforts should go something like this:

Use the internet and traditional media to drive traffic to your website, then use the website to convert this anonymous visitor traffic into email signups or to send people to your selling system, whether that’s online, telephone or premises.

You can do all of that with a blog.  It doesn’t need to be complicated. 

The wonderful thing about blogging systems (and this one in particular) is that you can connect it up to social media to build your audience.  Then, when new visitors visit your blog articles, you can invite them to discover more about your business and how you can help them.  At the same time capturing their email address and asking for permission to keep them informed about what you do.

What’s so good about that?  You’re building a list of people who are interested in you, that’s what.  People you can sell to.  People who can refer or recommend you.

All you have to do is keep them supplied with useful information.  Your blog is the hub of any online marketing exercise.  Marketing using social media is next to useless without a blog.  It’s where all your useful content lives and it’s where you will convert visitors into customers.

Use assisted marketing to design, build or even run your blog service for you.  We don’t know your industry like you do, but we can help you to create and edit content to be used on your blog.  You work on the ideas, we work on the fiddly bits.  Which leaves you to get on with the important tasks of the day – running your business.

Tell us about how you’d like to use a blog to build your business…