List Building

Build lists of prospects with assisted marketing

Do you have a list of your customers?

Do you have a list of people who you think might be interested in what you can do for them?

You're in the marketing business

Build queues to your door – send offers to the people who know you – on your lists!

There’s value in those lists.  And building lists is the easier route to success with any marketing effort.

Marketing works best when it’s aimed at something.  A list of known prospects is much more fertile ground than any newspaper, magazine, TV or radio advert. With a list, you know who people are, you know their names, you know how to contact them and importantly, if you’ve built your list responsibly, they know you.

Your marketing efforts should always focus on building those lists.

  • Use social media to build lists of contacts and people interested in what you do.
  • Use email to move your sales conversation away from the social media channel and onto one you control.
  • Use your website to generate newsletter or brochure enquiry signups.
  • Use competitions to generate lists of people who know your business so you can engage them with a planned programme of information, sent over a period of time.
  • Run coupon adverts in newspapers to encourage people to respond, telling you who they are.

Build the lists

Then communicate with the people on your lists.  Send them information, send them offers, make them feel important, enthuse them.  Point them at your website, tell them to call your telephone number, give them an order form to complete and return to you.

…or you could just run an ad in the local rag and wait for the phone to ring.

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