Search Engine Marketing

Assisted Search Engine Marketing

Pay Per Click (known as PPC) advertising with Google Adwords is probably the most obvious method used for Search Engine Marketing (known as SEM).  You might be familiar with those little text adverts that appear on search results pages?  From a lead generating point of view, they are measurable, adjustable adverts that are extremely useful if they’re managed properly.

You can get that effective online advertising  management by using Assisted Marketing.  We can carry out all the research for you and create adverts for you, to give your first adverts as good a chance as possible of being successful.  Then you can use Assisted Marketing to carry out repeated research and split testing on your adverts so they return better results, in regular, little steps.

Assisted search engine marketing works to constantly reduce your cost per click .  Which means you can get more sales leads per £ spent on marketing.  This is a very precise, targetable, controllable way to promote your business and measure your return on investment.

Is this you?

Assisted SEM is designed for three specific groups of customers:

  1. You have never used pay per click advertising before.
  2. You are using pay per click marketing or you’ve used it in the past, but the costs went up and the sales went down.
  3. You used to have an employee with the right skills to run an SEM campaign in your business, but they’ve moved on.

Assisted SEM from AllStrat Engage concentrates on adverts based on the Google network and Facebook.  These advertising platforms go about their business in completely different ways.  What works on one doesn’t always work on the other.  We can help you to save money by avoiding the classic mistakes many people make with online advertising.

If we set you up with a new Google Adwords account you can even get £50 of free advertising from us.

To find out more about how assisted SEM could benefit your business, just complete the form below and we’ll be in touch.