Social Media Manager

Assisted Social Media Management

Social media management packages are designed to be used alongside your existing marketing efforts.  Each can be configured to behave as an extension of your marketing efforts into the online social world.

Remember that online social media is really just another route to market.  Ok it’s a very sophisticated route to market with lots of bells and whistles on it, but it really represents another option as a way of reaching customers.

As such, your use of social media for marketing needs to conform to the following rules:

1.  You must be able to articulate what it is you do for people.

2.  You must have a clear idea of what you want to achieve.

3.  You must be able to measure what’s happening.

4.  You need to be professional.  Quirky is fine, off the wall is fine, you can even get away with 2nd rate layouts (they can look “authentic”…) but bad spelling, banal status updates and poorly managed systems are out of the question.  If you’re going to do this, you need to do it properly.

Social Media Management Services for Facebook

Facebook Fan Page Setup or Makeover

Cover image, profile image, description and appropriate settings, using images and logos provided by the client.

£295 incl vat

Facebook Custom Page Apps

£99 incl vat per page for design and build (see our Facebook page for examples).

plus £29 incl vat per month page maintenance and hosting (up to 8 pages).

Facebook Status Update assisted marketing

Status Update planning – monthly status update calendar planning – identifying the story, copy and content requirements and sequencing for 30 status updates (in accordance with the assisted marketing status update system) – from £295 per month incl vat.

Status update content creation – creation of subject, copy, images and collation for each status update (up to 30) – from £549 per month incl vat.

Status update loading – pre-loading of 30 prepared status updates to Facebook – from £295 per month (loaded in a way Facebook likes, not using 3rd party software).

Package Planning, Creation and Loading from £1,199 per month incl vat

Buy as package to get additional weekday profile housekeeping maintenance, primary fan engagement and monthly report to analyse which types of status updates trigger responses from your audience.

To discuss how you can best focus your business lead generation using social media, call 0333 1234 515.


Additional Facebook assisted marketing services

Facebook advertising initial setup – Development of initial Facebook advertising campaign plan, target market research and advert wording – from £495.

Facebook advertising campaign management – monthly management and reporting on your Facebook advertising performance – from £295 per month.

(note, your actual advert spend is an additional cost)