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What do you want your website to do?

No more messing around. Let's get assisted marketing

No more messing around. Let’s get assisted marketing in here and get this thing working.

If the first thing you want it to be is all arty and conceptual with flashy graphics and swooshing images portraying your “brand” – go and get someone else to build your website.

There.  That’s saved us both a bit of time today.

Websites that sell

A business website should be part of your marketing system.  It should generate leads, enquiries and sales.  It needs to operate as the hub for your other marketing efforts.  It needs to be relevant to the needs of your customers.

  • If you want a website that’s capable of attracting new customers and generating sales leads, keep reading.
  • If you want a website that is easy to manage and update without relying on your web guy, keep reading.
  • If you want a website that can be integrated with the rest of your marketing efforts and can be upgraded easily without it costing the earth, keep reading.
  • If you want a website that has all the “search engine optimisation” (SEO) you need built in from the very start, keep reading.
  • If you want a mobile website to operate alongside your regular website, keep reading.
  • If you want some assistance in the management of your website (ie, you decide what you want it to do, somebody else makes it do it promptly), keep reading.

…get your website designed and built with assisted marketing from AllStrat Engage.

We start with what you want to achieve and who you want it to appeal to, not what you want it to look like.  That’s not to say we ignore design.  On the contrary, your website look will be created by professional and experienced graphic artists.  Indeed, we can even make your website look different for each target market if you want to go down that route.  However your website will be a lead generating system first and foremost, not an artistic relic.

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