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How George Orwell would have written your web pages

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Is your web page ugly?

George Orwell, a 20th Century author, noted that a lot of printed English was ugly.Small businessman uses big words

Ugly text is useless.  It’s hard to read and doesn’t cause the reader to respond.  He used the phrase “Avoidable Ugliness” to describe the problem and gave five rules for the rest of us to follow.  So we could avoid writing ugly copy.

When you promote your business using the written word, your choice of structure and the words themselves can speak volumes about you.

Many websites are written in a way that makes the business responsible for them look stupid.

This isn’t the result those businesses were aiming for when they started work on their website.  However it is the result they get.

Question:  Is it happening to you?

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Sales copywriting secret No.1 – Readable Text

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Is your sales copy readable?

Take a look through your website, your emails and your letters.

Does your writing style say more about you than you think?

Are you using Readable Text?

You would be amazed how many websites are almost unreadable.  And if your sales message is unreadable it’s not getting read.  Is it?

The good news is, there are tools you can use to check how readable your text is.  They are quite easy to use – all you need to do is cut and paste your text into a web page and the “readability” score for your text will be displayed.

There are some examples on this website.  Here’s how we use one of these methods to test the readability of our writing…

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Optimising pages for Google spoken search

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Google spoken search is here!

I came across Google spoken search in an Asda car park last month while I was playing with my new Android smartphone.

It is very good.

One thing though.  The search results Google produces for a spoken search (as we’re all going to be doing on our mobile phones much more often I suspect) are very different from those produced for a typed search.

Do you know why?

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