Assisted direct response copywriting

Are you sitting there wondering what “direct response copywriting” is?

Direct response copywriting is a very specialised style of writing.  It’s designed to attract and maintain the interest of the reader and provoke a very specific action.

Which means that your customers are attracted to your sales message. They become interested in what you can do for them and are motivated to want to find out more.  Or even buy from you.

Direct response copywriting is designed to get inside the heads of people in your target market and encourage them to do what you need them to do .Direct mail copywriting is as old as the hills

This is not flowery, poetic copy with lots of big words.  Instead it has a specific job to do.

Every word on the page has to earn its place.

The structure and flow is easy to read.

It’s all about you as a customer, it talks to you as a person – and it is clear and concise.

You see, attracting attention and capturing interest is really hard to do. There is so much clutter in newspapers, magazines, on the TV and on the internet that people have learned how to filter most of it out.

If your sales messages are delivered using selfish, flowery copy you’ll be leaving a lot of money on the table.  It just doesn’t sell.  Big words don’t make you look clever, they just prevent people from reading any further.

Direct response sales copy is the antidote

…to wasteful, selfish copy.

You can get your own direct response copy created for you when you use assisted copywriting services from AllStrat Engage.

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