Direct Mail

Assisted direct mail – the ultimate marketing weapon?

In a world where Google adverts deliver an average click through rate of just 0.1% and Facebook adverts just 0.05%, direct mail is something of a phenomenon.

The DMA (Direct Marketing Association – 2010 Response Rate Trend Report) reckons direct mail to a “house list” (that’s one you build yourself) has an average response rate of 3.42%.  Of course, the nature of “average” is that nobody is actually getting a response rate of 3.42% from their direct mail campaigns.  In reality most direct mail marketers are doing a lot worse and a few direct mail marketers are doing a lot better.  But a 3.42% average response!  That’s pretty good.

Especially when you consider Mailchimp reports average click rates for emails of between 2 and 10% (that’s click rate, not response rate, which is going to be lower) when emailing to house lists using permission marketing.  In other words, these emails are anticipated and expected by the people they’re sent to.  Yet they only open them 10% of the time.  Or less.  It’s a good job email is cheap…

So how do you think you’d get on sending an anticipated, expected direct mail piece to your prospect list?what will you send with direct mail?

With the price of postage these days you might think twice before sending it, but to be honest the cost of direct mail should help you focus on doing the job right in the first place.  Targeted, anticipated mail, in an envelope designed to be opened, carrying a solid sales letter containing a compelling offer and a good reason to take action straight away.  That’s the way to do it.

When was the last time you received a letter like that?

How special do you think your customers might feel if you send them a proper letter?  How different will that make them feel?  If you’re selling high value services, do you think that might make them feel just a bit more disposed towards buying from you?

Make it personal with direct mail

You can use assisted marketing direct mail to help you plan, create and deliver your next direct mail campaign, personalised, to specific people.

What would you sell using direct mail?