Email Marketing

Assisted email marketing

Email is probably the most used and abused marketing medium.  Think of all that spam you get in your inbox every day!

Email is cheap.  In many cases it’s free.  And because it’s free, lots of businesses make a complete pills of marketing with it (sorry about that but it’s heart on sleeve time…).

You can send millions of emails a day.  With that sort of volume, you don’t need a high purchase rate to make money.  The problem is with millions of unsolicited messages flying around the internet every hour of every day, people are getting a bit fed up with them.  Thankfully however, antispam technology means that these unsolicited messages, and a lot more besides, never make it to their targets.  Good.

Nowadays you need to comply with a number of laws and regulations if you’re going to use email as a communication tool.  It’s not exactly free, but it’s still very cheap.  The problem is, because it’s cheap, lots of businesses don’t give it the proper amount of attention.  Sending email is one thing, sending it to the right people, getting them to open it, read the contents and take the desired action is quite another.

Inboxes all over the world are crammed full of useless emails every day:

poorly targeted (if indeed they were Email can reach people on all sorts of devices“aimed” at all…)

badly written

– with awful subject headlines

– using pictures that don’t work and

no links to web pages or any other form of call to action

Yet email should form the basis of your entire online marketing communication strategy!  Email puts you in control!  Email lets you do things you can’t do on any social network!  Email lets you deliver and start conversations with your prospects and customers.  People can receive emails on their computer, tablet, phone, even on their TV!

But if you’re not doing your email marketing properly, you could be wasting your money.  More importantly, you could also be wasting the valuable customer attention it’s taken so long for you to build.

That’s why you should consider using assisted email marketing from AllStrat Engage.

  • Build useful lists of interested prospects.
  • Cultivate prospects by deploying precisely targeted, carefully written emails to people who are expecting to hear from you!
  • Take advantage of technology to create automated marketing systems that keep prospects aware of what you can do for them until they’re ready to buy.
  • Tell us what you want to achieve, then let us implement it for you.

To find out if there’s more money in your existing lists of customers, contact AllStrat Engage today on 01463717115.