Is Your Advert Boring?

You Can’t Bore People Into Buying Something

(I think that may have been a phrase used by David Ogilvy – the great advertising man)

…but it doesn’t stop businesses from trying.

My vitriol is reserved for a hotel advert that flashed up in a social media newsfeed today.

By God it is BORING!

While the reader is asking the two great questions:

“What am I going to get?” and

“Why should I buy it from you?”

This particular hotel drones on about:

“a twin or double room”

“breakfast included” and not much else.

This compelling sales copy is accompanied by pictures of bedrooms, hotel exteriors, lobbies and restaurants, all utterly devoid of people.  When the faces of happy, smiling people are shown, the images are clearly culled from the same places I get my stock photography from…  No images of real, happy customers.

Is it surprising?  They are probably bored out of their wits.

Given the choice of all the wonderful reasons for visiting this particular establishment, which is actually quite nice, the best they could come up with is, “a twin or double room”???

…and people wonder why I get bolshy?


It Gets Worse

Click on the advert link and the landing page for the offer is revealed.  Complete with inexcusable spelling mistakes and errors.

Does nobody check these things?

I mean, this is a pay per click campaign.  Is it being measured in terms of the sales it achieves or the hoots of derision at the lamentable lack of preparation?

I won’t reveal the culprit.  That wouldn’t be fair.

Or would it?