Marketing Infographics

Marketing with Infographics

An infographic is a presentation of data or information in visual form.  Making a picture out of numbers or words.

We’ve been doing it for years with “death by powerpoint” presentations.  However infographics differ in that the whole story is on one page, designed to be consumed quickly and easily.

Do people really look at the messages in infographics or are they really just attracted to the pretty pictures and bright colours?

We’ll find out soon enough.  You can have infographics about your own products or services made for you by assisted marketing.

An example infographic

In the meantime, here’s one for you to look at.  We didn’t make this one, but it’s very interesting:


The Content Marketing Mix

What this infographic tells you

This example shows you different types of marketing content and how you should be using it as you move through your online sales process.  Note that “social posts” is on the left of the illustration where you are interacting with “suspects”, whilst more down to earth information such as pricing is to the right – where the suspect has been moved through the prospect stage and has been motivated to become a customer.  The sale happens at the right of this infographic, all the rest of the content delivering activity is only creating the conditions where a sale might happen.

As you can see, there’s quite a lot of work involved in putting together content for use on social media websites.  Unfortunately this is where a lot of social media marketing efforts fall short.  Content takes time and money to prepare.  However once it has been prepared and implemented, it can be made to sit there and work automatically – generating new leads and sales for you.

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