Measured Marketing

Measuring assisted marketing

You want to be able to hold someone accountable for your marketing don’t you?

There’s no point in spending money then not being sure about what you’re getting in return is there?

(well, you would think.  But the legions of people who spend money on badly prepared adverts in print and on the internet prove that a fool and their money are easily parted…)

With assisted marketing from AllStrat Engage you’ll come across a saying,

“If we can’t measure it we’re not doing it.”

Now, to be honest, this has caused us to annoy some people in the past as we have refused to implement a clients poorly formed campaign.

It’s not going to be a problem for you though, is it?  Sensible people like you like to keep your money in your pocket until you can see what’s going on, don’t you?

Some people just don’t like being measured.  We regard it as a necessary part of your marketing.  We’re not doing it to put anybody down, to introduce unhealthy competition or for political reasons, we want to measure every marketing activity because you need to know if it’s working or not.  We measure because we want your marketing to be competitive. And because you want to hold someone accountable.

The measurements are usually simple and will boil down to cost per lead and cost per sale.  You will see a measure of what was sent out, published or uploaded, set against a measure of the resulting enquiries, receipts, signups, recommendations or downloads.

Assisted marketing measures the efforts and gives you the facts.  Then you can decide what you want to do.

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