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Assisted Offline Marketing

Offline marketing – possibly best defined as, “everything we used to do before the internet came along” still works.

For many businesses it’s the best performing way of reaching new customers.  Properly researched, planned, constructed, implemented and measured “traditional” marketing is still in use throughout the UK every day.  It finds new customers, it encourages enquiries, it pulls in sales, it gets orders.

It can outperform online marketing too.  In a straight fight on response rates, direct mail can be every bit as effective as email or a website.  And of course it doesn’t rely on the internet.

Your business marketing should be a careful mix of “offline” and “online”.  The mix you choose to use depends on who your customers are and how you plan to reach them.

Even online businesses use offline marketing

I smile whenever Google sends me a sales letter (I get one every two or three months).  Think about it for a moment.  Here is Marketing isn't always downloadedthe worlds biggest, most powerful and successful online business – it runs massive and very effective online advertising to both local and global consumers.  Does it use its own network to send me a sales proposition?  No.  It uses a letter.  Snail mail.  How ironic is that?

Google is a smart operator.  They’re using direct mail because it works.  If “offline” marketing techniques can form part of Google’s marketing mix, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t be part of yours.  Is there?

Assisted marketing from AllStrat Engage lets you use tried and tested direct marketing techniques to find new customers and ask them to buy something.

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