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When you use online marketing for your business, there’s a lot to do.

does online marketing drive you crazy?

does online marketing drive you crazy?

One frightening thing about online marketing is that, because it involves sitting in front of a computer all day, it’s easy to convince yourself that you’ve actually achieved something when in fact you haven’t.

It gets worse!  Online marketing uses technology.  This is scary enough all on it’s own.  Combine technology with marketing for something truly terrifying (all you want to do is run your business, right?).

Here’s a happy thought for you.  The best online marketing techniques are based squarely on what works offline.  You don’t need to reinvent any wheels, you just need to keep your eye on the ball.

Here’s an example:  Website pages and pay per click (PPC) adverts come in all shapes, sizes and abilities.  Those that work use the same basic formula as that used by print adverts and sales letters going back over 100 years:  Attract attention; cause interest; create desire; tell the reader what to do next with a “call to action“.

Unlike online marketing where it’s easy to follow the latest fad, with assisted marketing it’s easier to follow the latest sales lead.  You’d be surprised how often the latest fad isn’t combined with tried and tested marketing know how.  You might be more surprised with the results you can achieve when you combine the two successfully.

Good online marketing – the lead generating, sales getting kind of marketing – is based on solid marketing principles.  These principles are used to deliver your assisted marketing.  We only do what we can measure.

You can take advantage of assisted marketing to help you get to grips with online marketing.  Use assisted marketing to extend your marketing reach into email, permission marketing, building a website or managing social media websites.  All carried out for you in a measureable and accountable way that puts you in control of generating sales leads and new customers for your business.