The problem with marketing in the north of Scotland is…

…that I don’t know what marketing problems you have.

So can you help me?

I could guess – but that’s not very professional.

I could ask you – but we haven’t met yet.

So here’s an opportunity for you to help by telling me…

…which marketing questions and problems you find are proving hardest to fix.

Running a business in the north of Scotland has its rewards and brings its own special problems.

I need to gather some data about the marketing problems and issues you face as you run your business in the north.

This isn’t a scientific statistical exercise.  I just need to learn about your biggest marketing “unanswered question” in your own words.

Use any of the subject areas noted below that relevant to you (you might need to scroll down to see them), .

Just click on the links below to find the questionnaires – you only need to answer three questions and your answers are anonymous so you don’t need to supply your email address.



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List Building


Search Engine Marketing

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Social Media Marketing