Sales copywriting secret No.2 – Use Simple Words

How simple are your words?

You have a very short time to GRAB a readers’ attention.simple words for sales writing

Then you have the length of your article to lose that attention.  It can go at any time.

Your reader can be sitting there hanging on your every word when the phone rings, the kettle boils or the kids start arguing again.

Losing their attention is easy and not always your fault.

Unless you use the wrong words

Then it IS your fault!

What are the wrong words?

The wrong words are anything that isn’t simple.  That means,

  • Jargon – technical descriptions for example
  • Long words – omnipresence (if you don’t know go and look it up)
  • Foreign words – deja vu
  • Slang
  • Local dialect
  • Made up words

They might all look great when you’re writing your sales letter, but they don’t belong there.  Words from any of these categories will fail to hold attention.  They won’t earn their keep.

Words only work when readers understand what they mean.

In sales writing, words only work when people feel ready to read the next line.

Simple words work best.  Your readers understand simple words quickly and easily.  You don’t have to work hard to understand simple words.

Selling is easier if you use simple words.