Do you need assisted marketing?

You’re already busy running your business.

You can’t do everything, can you?Do you need assisted marketing?

You know marketing is important, but sometimes the immediate needs of your business take over.

…until you need to know where the next sales lead is coming from!  Then marketing becomes the most important thing and it needs done all at once and right away.  There just isn’t enough time in one day.

You already know what you want to achieve, but getting it done isn’t as easy as it looks?

Perhaps you want to use a new method to generate sales leads, for example social media, but you can’t spare an employee to sit in front of a computer all day?  Or maybe you don’t fancy the idea of them “playing around” with Facebook on your payroll?

These are exactly the situations assisted marketing is designed to tackle.

Let AllStrat Engage handle those tricky marketing jobs:  From small but important tasks like creating a press advert or writing a sales letter, through to preparing and implementing a full direct mail campaign, building your website or managing the content in your online shop.

4 reasons why you should use assisted marketing

  1. Measurable ROI
  2. Constant marketing effort
  3. Known marketing cost
  4. Get your marketing done

Why these 4 reasons are important

Measurable ROI

The return you get on your investment in marketing.  There is no excuse for not being able to measure the results from your marketing.  With assisted marketing, we only run marketing activity we can measure and those measures relate directly back to your business.

We’re not interested in “brand values” or other fluffy nonsense.  With assisted marketing, “branding” is a by-product of what we do, not the focus.

Instead we focus on what matters:  More revenue; more sales; more prospects; more buyers.  You will know the cost per lead and cost per sale of every marketing activity.  It’s your business, you need this information to manage it.

Constant Marketing Effort

There is nothing worse than starting a marketing activity only for it to fade away for lack of interest, skill, knowledge or people to do it.

  • Social media websites are littered with half baked, incomplete projects;
  • Filing cabinets all over the world hold the texts of all the direct marketing campaigns that never saw the light of day or earned a penny for their company.
  • Responses to enquiries get delayed because employees get diverted to the latest crisis.

With assisted marketing, you give the job of implementation to us and we do it.  It could be updating and cleaning your social media sites, it could be loading fresh content to your website, it could be organising a direct mail campaign.  Whatever we have planned to do for your business, we do.  Your marketing systems keep running.

Known Marketing Cost

Everything marketing activity carried out with assisted marketing is part of a plan.  It is costed and approved beforehand.  No surprises.

Get Your Marketing Done

From counting the responses from an email campaign through to creating the overall marketing strategy to guide that campaign.  It all needs done.  If you don’t have the resources of time or the right skills or confidence within your business to get it done, what are you going to do?  If you want your marketing done, you call in assisted marketing.  And it gets done.


These are the guiding principles for all marketing activities carried out with assisted marketing from AllStrat Engage:  Measured; Constant; Known and Completed.

This applies to the procedures for writing sales letters, preparing email campaigns, designing adverts, running  or building your social media, website or blog.

You can fit assisted marketing to your business at whatever level you think is suitable.  Assisted marketing is designed to be flexible.  You are always in charge.

Are you ready to have your business marketing run in this way?  It’s not for everyone, but if you measure your business in terms of customers and sales and you prefer to speak about your business in the language of Profit & Loss

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