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You’ll find information about how assisted marketing can be useful for your business on these pages.  If you have more questions, or we haven’t been clear enough about what assisted marketing is, please do call or send an email.  I’d be delighted to help if I can.

My name is Allan Simpson.  Assisted Marketing is my solution to a problem I keep coming across as businesses try to implement marketing systems in order to generate sales.  They just can’t do it.

It’s not because they don’t want to do it or have no enthusiasm for the task, there’s certainly no lack of will.  What’s missing is time, skill, know-how or confidence.  Assisted marketing is marketing work, focused on your business and target market, carried out by experienced and capable specialists on your behalf.

There are several scenarios where assisted marketing is designed to help.

A Growing Business

If you’re running a busy company you know what needs to be done.  You didn’t become busy without knowing how to bring sales in.  But you can get to a stage where your business takes over – you’re busy doing what your business does and you reach a position where you can’t be in two places at once.  You’re either running the operation or you’re looking for new customers.  You can’t do both.  It’s that horrible “growth” problem you experience when you’re doing well, there’s more than enough work for one to handle but not quite enough to justify hiring someone else to help you.  But you’ve got to get through it.  Assisted marketing gives you an option which allows you to be in two places at once.

A Skills Shortage

You either recruit operational staff to keep your customers happy, or you recruit marketers to keep new sales leads coming in.  Your resources might not stretch to both.  Marketing is specialised stuff.  Do you train people to do it?  Do you recruit a specialist?

There is now a third way, use assisted marketing to extend our skills into your business.  You can use assisted marketing for short term cover or specific projects, or you can use assisted marketing as an extension of your management or marketing team.  Keep the headcount and payroll costs down and still enjoy using effective marketing skills.  Use assisted marketing to bridge the gap until you’re ready to recruit your own team.

Technology Overload

Social media is a great example of a bandwagon nobody really knows how to use, but everybody wants to be on it.  You can deploy staff to try to make social media work for your business while they ignore their own jobs, or you can use assisted marketing to do it for you, quickly and without fuss – but still integrated as part of your own marketing efforts.  We know how it works, we’re in there every day.  Give the job to us and let your own staff get on with what you expect them to do.

It’s not actually my idea.  Three customers suggested it.  After months of coaching and training (and each for different reasons) they took me aside and said,

“Look, all this stuff we’re doing is great and we like the performance and control we’re getting, but we’re not marketers.  We’re business people trying to be marketers.

Is there a way we can get some of this stuff done for us so we stay in control, but we don’t have to be involved on a daily basis?”

Of course there is, it’s called “assisted marketing” and now you can have it too.

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Allan Simpson smiles a lotAllan Simpson founded AllStrat Ltd in 2002 as a specialist strategic management business, helping small companies define their business strategies and carrying out scenario research for clients.  The company name is a shortened version of “All About Strategy”.

His first career as a hotel manager saw him working in hotels in Glasgow, London, Stirling and Inverness.  Latterly in general management and sales & marketing management.

He has a BA degree in hotel management from Queens College in Glasgow (yes, he’s that old…) and an MBA from the Graduate School of Management at the University of Strathclyde, amongst other things.

Over the past 25 years, Allan has spent a lot of other people’s money, and some of his own, working out what does and doesn’t work in terms of generating sales leads for a business.  He learned about all the stuff that works only after he finished his MBA, which he finds rather ironic.

He is a member of the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) and the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) with whom he holds both CIPP/E and CIPM certification.  So Allan knows exactly how to keep your marketing efforts compliant with GDPR.

Allan is also Market Director UK & Ireland for ChannelRUSH, a US based hotel channel management software company.

You can book Allan as a speaker for your event.